160BHP Rover 75 CDT Club

Current State:

Current Power Level: 142 bhp @ wheels, 160bhp (est) @ flywheel

Current Torque Level: 230ft/lbs


Rover 75 Club




Brakes and Suspension





Mk2 Air Intake Mod





Synergy 2
ECU Remapped




18" MG Hairpin Alloys


Owners comments:

I got the 75 as a normal day to day car and didn't intend to modify it since I'm building a VVC engined MG Midget as a fast road car. I chose the 75 as it was local to me, was one owner and had full rover service history. I thought it'd make a nice sensible car :)

It started off by getting some 18" alloys and a Synergy 2. The Synergy 2 I bought was the 131 version so that popped the idea of getting it remapped to 131 to make the most of it all. After a bit of research I found out about DIY flashing ECUs and loaded a map from a friends tuned 75. Since then I've found out that the remap is a bit crude so I plan to get it done properly at sometime in the future.

Future planned mods are EGR bypass, GB D-evo boost controller and a decat. I'd like to take it further with hybrid turbos, bigger intercoolers etc but as I use it regularly I don't want to risk ruining it's reliability so it'll probably stay as it is (for now lol!) I've tried to be economical with my mods, all the parts so far have been second hand.

Previous state 1

Synergy 2
The rest standard.

Previous state 2

Standard 116 bhp setup

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