Wheels and Tyres

Tyres and rims can make a big difference to how your car feels and handles.

Many people will say fit some larger rims and it’ll handle and look better. Well I can’t comment on how it’ll look but in terms of wheels bigger isn’t always better. Whilst bigger wheels means lower profile tyres which will make the car feel like it turns in faster, it also means usually that you have more unsprung weight at each corner which hampers handling. It also makes for a far less comfy ride. As an example I have 2 sets of wheels for my girlfriends 220 turbo petrol. One are standard 15’s and the other 17’s. The 17’s make it feel like it is on rails but the ride is harsh and it handles bumps and uneven surfaces less well. The 15’s are comfier, and more forgiving if I start to loose grip. They are also a lot cheaper to buy tyres for! As for tyres well its down to personal preference and budget. I’ve driven on budget "ditchfinder" specials, and also high performance tyres. Providing you know the limits of what you’ve got then that is the main thing.

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