Stainless Turbo Outlet Pipes



These are made from Top grade T304L Stainless steel and polished to a shiny/mirror finish and designed to be free flowing and to be a direct replacement for the OEM part but without the crushed restriction and whilst looking good at the same time!

The brackets are TIG welded in place and beads of weld are then added to either end of the pipe to help keep the hoses connected to it in place when clamped down.



Once fitted you can chose to either leave it on show or refit the engine cover with just minor modifications to it.



Three purchase options are available:-

1.You can either purchase this pipe as an individual item at a cost £65 inc postage.

2.Or buy it as part of a complete outlet kit including the required Mikalor clamps and a coloured rereducer of your choice for £90 inc postage

3.As a last option if you require the outlet pipe and the Mikalor clamps the cost is £70 inc postage



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