Inlet Charge Pipe

This should Ideally be bought to go with a ported manifold to achieve the best results as its flange is opened out and port matched to the ported inlet of the inlet manifold it connects to.

Its made by using the flange of the standard item and welding fresh alloy tube to it which has two advantages, removing the EGR and creates a far less restrictive flowing path for the air to pass through. Two options exist. Either made to fit the standard spec diameter of 57mm/2.25'' or a slightly larger diameter of 63mm/2.5'' to suit people with larger pipe work custom front mount intercooler setups etc.


These cost £55 inc postage of the finished pipe back to you. These are on offer on an exchange basis only. You must send me your standard item back once you have fitted the modified pipe.

If you want both the ported inlet manifold and custom charge pipe as a set then I will do them for a combined reduced price of £120 inc postage.



Another final option is to gasflow/port an inlet manifold then take a standard inlet charge pipe, open it out and gasflow it and port match it to the gasflowed/ported inlet manifold and 'trumpet' the pipe's opening to help the inlet gas's flow more smoothly into it. This will cost £100 inc postage back to you, again on an exchange only basis.


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