save your rusy oil pipes

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save your rusy oil pipes

Post by nicko500s » Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:57 pm

on the rover 45 the plastic tray under the car hides all sorts of things most important thing i found was the oil pipes from the oil pump/filter corrode badly and they are expensive and getting harder to source in my experience.

i suggest removing the loose rust, degreasing with brake or carb cleaner and painting with hammerite or simular.
mine where very corroded and the last thing you want is for these to rust through.

the metel water pipes mounted to the front of the engine suffer the same corrosion and are hard to source and hard to replace due to limited access.
also worth checking the underside for corrosion especialy by the drain plugs in the n/s & o/s front foot wells.

how to treat this type of corrosion is much debated & waxoyl is not that popular but i will use it wen i get round to it.

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